Vancouver Children's Choir

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time for young singers to apply is when they are in grade 1 with a view to starting in grade 2. However, we may have vacancies at later stages and have accepted new singers of all ages up to 13 directly into the Cantate (concert) choir.

The ideal time to apply for our high performance treble ensemble is at age 14, but we also welcome new members up to age 18.

Auditions for all VCC choirs are held in May and June to confirm places for the following season. Auditions also take place throughout the year. We find that it is much more effective to bring in a few choristers at a time, rather than holding mass auditions just once a year. To book an audition, email to arrange a time for your child to come and sing informally to Conductor Rupert Lang.

Our choristers come from all over the Lower Mainland.

No. In fact, the majority of our choristers come with very little prior experience in singing music formally. What they do have is a love of singing and an interest in taking part.

We encourage you to participate in one of our VCC Experience Events. While your child participates in a rehearsal and meets our choristers, parents have an opportunity to get to know more about the choir, including conversation with current parents who will give you an insider’s perspective.

Prospective choristers should come with a song to sing – one that they enjoy and feel confident with. It can be sung with or without accompaniment. It doesn’t need to be complicated! We are looking for potential and musical instincts and we would much rather hear a simple piece sung musically than something that is overly complicated.

The audition will only last about 15 minutes. Our Conductor Mr. Lang will assess your child’s ‘natural ear’ by asking them to sing back short melodies and clap a few rhythms.

Fundamentally we are looking for a child with a clear, pleasant treble voice and a good ear. There is no need for them to have had any specific training or vocal coaching; their singing should be natural. Our choristers need to be quick on the uptake and they need to be good team members. Most of all, each chorister needs, at least on some level, to really want to sing. They may not know yet what that would involve but they need to have an instinct to take up the challenge.

Tuition is $1000 ($100/month).  A $75 registration fee and $75 uniform deposit are payable at the time of registration.

Financial assistance is available for those with demonstrated financial need.