To maintain the high level of performance, attendance at all rehearsals and concerts is mandatory. The only acceptable excuses are illness or, in the case of high school choristers, intense study during exams. Choristers must notify the Choir Office if they are going to be absent or late; Attendance will be taken at each rehearsal, and more than two absences per term will require the chorister and parents meet with the Artistic Director to discuss his/her commitment.

In order to make the very best use of out limited rehearsal time,
all choristers must:

  • Practice their music at home between rehearsals
  • Arrive early enough to be READY to sing at start time
  • If requested, help setup/strike the rehearsal area before/after practice
  • Bring choir bag with music binder, pencils and study materials
  • Wear VCC T-Shirt to all rehearsals
  • Respect the time of other choristers by not arriving late or talking during rehearsal

PLEASE be thoughtful of all the other groups who use the Cathedral; walk and speak quietly in the halls and upstairs in the church. Choristers who leave the Cathedral premises during breaks or who wait outside for rides are responsible for their own conduct.

Music & Music Bag
Choristers losing music binder and/or music bag will be required to pay the full cost of a new bag, a new binder and replacement music scores.

Notices and Schedules
Part of chorister training is learning to read notices carefully. Parents can assist, but should encourage even the youngest choristers to learn to read, listen and be observant in rehearsals. The most current rehearsal/performance schedule should be kept in the choristers’ music binder with parents having their own copy at home. Some last minute changes are inevitable – but it is the chorister’s responsibility to keep their schedules up-to-date based on information provided at rehearsals. Families need to check their email messages and the VCC website regularly for up to date information.

Concert Dress Uniforms
see “New Uniform Standard