Happy Canada Day!

 This video was shot at Canada Place, Vancouver BC on June 17, 2015 with the Vancouver Children’s Choir in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of our Canadian Flag 1965 – 2015.

The Main flag used in this video was flown from the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on July 19th, 2010 thanks to the generosity of owners Ian and Jenny Birtwell.

Lyrics for “This is My Home”

From sea to sea a tapestry of colour, shapes and sounds
We’re a people bound together by the visions we have found.
From place to place, face to face we share this common bond;
It’s a feeling lying deep within where only dreams belong.
Et quand on partage un rêve on va beaucoup plus loin
Viens plus loins prends ma main tout un pays se rejoint.

On est chez nous au Canada
Chez nous partout au Canada oh Canada

A quiet street a city’s beat that’s where the feeling starts;
And homeward bound the sweetest sound is the music from the heart.
It’s here where you realize the heart and home are one
Canada, Canada – we’re your daughters we’re your sons!

This is my home oh Canada
This is my home oh Canada oh Canada