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Vancouver Children's Choir
Vancouver Children's Choir3 weeks ago

Very excited to announce that the VCC is in the final preliminary stages of plans to return to Europe in the summer of 2018. This time we are headed to Florence, Italy! It is going to be so amazing to show the choristers my favourite...

Molly Bushell I'll be there! Too bad I'm a bit over 15 haha 😉
Vancouver Children's Choir
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What a great picture of our home!

Alexis S Demuynck Jenn Baerg Steyn My favourite church
Adam Browne I was christened there
Ann Morris Love these old photos of Vancouver in the early years.
Karen McDiarmid Is this where your Dad worked Jane McComb
Mike Taylor That whole area looks so much friendlier without towers.
Barbara Berry grateful for all the restoration work on it. It is beautiful in and outside
Julie Rogers Look at beautiful Vancouver! Well over 100 years ago and how much of this natural landscape and energy has been lost😓
Stephen C Braun Love these photos
Marco Vegt This is at Georgia and Howe?
Randy Mennie I wonder what was high enough for the photographer to get that shot.
Rick Caldwell Very cool.
Shannon Blakeman My parents were married there.
Judy Steers I work there. Once upon a time (far before my time) one could see the mountains from the steps of the cathedral !
Vancouver Children's Choir
Vancouver Children's Choir4 weeks ago


Commissioned by VCC as a on-going fund raiser $650* unframed *present market value $1000

Limited Edition Print
“Spirit Song – Echoing the future”� by renowned artist, Susan A. Point

Our stunning emblem...