New Notations #3

1.  HALLOWEEN CONCERT                                                                                                     Notes from Mr. Lang:

  • The call is 5:00pm (or as soon as you can get to the Cathedral)
  • Arrive in costume. You won’t have time to change, unless it’s a very  simple costume.
  • Mr Horning and I discussed things over the weekend, and we both agree that the junior singers in both choirs are not ready for Oliver Cromwell and Old Abram Brown. The choreography Mr. Horning taught last Friday is actually not easy. VCC juniors (Caritas) will sing everything else.

2.  DIM SUM LUNCHEON                                                                                                            Our first fundraising event for the Summer 2015 European Tour was a fabulous success! Our thanks to everyone who helped by attending themselves, selling tickets to family, friends, and colleagues, getting or giving us donations for the live auction and raffle.             Most particular thanks to Board Members Linda Poon and Sarah Nation who worked so effectively together to coordinate and organize the actual event. We raised over $10,000 in that one lunch hour!!

3.  CHRISTMAS IS COMING!                                                                                                 Our Annual Christmas Concert is just over a month away. So, beginning next week, try            to stay healthy so you won’t miss any rehearsals, and practice at home to learn the new repertoire.

4.  PARKING REMINDER                                                                                                                   Parents, please do not park in the spots at the back of the Cathedral.They are all designated for specific Cathedral people and purposes. With a parking pass displayed on your dashboard, you may park for free at the Park Place Parkade, after 6pm. If you need additional parking passes just ask Donna.



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