New Notations #1

Dear Parents and Choristers,                                                                                                       We hope you had a fine Thanksgiving this past weekend, and are ready to jump into full gear with all the upcoming VCC events this month.

The following is important, updated information. So please read carefully and take note of it all. They are in chronological order.

  1. REHEARSAL REPERTOIRE.  Along with this edition of “New Notations” is a list of the full repertoire of what you will be rehearsing this month (in preparation for the Halloween Concert). Please print this out and put it in your binder.
  2. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                                                                                  A portion of the registration fee that you paid is for one family membership in the Vancouver Children’s Choir Choral Society, which means all parents are invited to attend and have one vote (per family) at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting this year will take place next Sunday, October 20th at 2:00pm at the Cathedral in the Music Room. Please consider this is as official notification of the AGM.
  3. PARENTS’ RECEPTION                                                                                Immediately following the AGM, all parents are cordially invited to a reception in the Park Room, where there will be an opportunity to chat with members of the newly-elected Board of Directors, discuss plans that the choir has for this year and next year’s European tour, meet some alumni and alumni parents, offer suggestions and ask questions. Refreshments will be served. It is intended that this will be over by 4:30pm.
  4. PIZZAS AND A MOVIE                                                                                       While parents are attending the AGM and Reception, all choristers will have some fun time together at a pizza/movie party, which will take place in the Parish Hall.
  5. FUNDRAISING DIM SUM LUNCHEON – THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24th                                         There are still seats available for this 1st major event of our 30th Anniversary Year. Please help us make it a success, by inviting some family, friends, business associates and neighbours, and perhaps helping us gather some special items for the auction.
  6. ALL- DAY INTENSIVE REHEARSAL – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25th                                      The location of this session has changed. It will take place at the Cathedral, (NOT at St. John’s Shaughnessy). The reason for the change is because part of the day will be spent rehearsing together with the Surrey Children’s Choir, and transportation to the Cathedral is easier for many of them via LRT. We will begin at 10:00am; so plan to arrive at 9:45am! Each chorister should bring a pack lunch, just as if it’s a regular school day. We would welcome the help of a couple of parents through the day, if anyone is willing and available.
  7. HALLOWEEN CONCERT – WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30th                                                            Not only is this going to be a fun, dress-up (in your spookiest Halloween costume) event, it will also be a wonderful opportunity for choristers to introduce a friend or schoolmate to VCC. Our goal is to add 10 Cantate and 5 Caritas members to the ranks of the choir by the end of the year. So, we ask each chorister to invite someone to come to the concert (wearing their Halloween costume too!), who you think would enjoy being a part of VCC (and come to Europe with you in 2015!). Parents, please help us by inviting someone who has a child who loves music, to come as a family. Everyone is encouraged come in costumes and/or make-up, if you like!!
  8. PARENTS’ DIRECTORY                                                                                            And finally, we would like to circulate to all families a “directory”with names of all choristers, parents’ names, phone number(s) and email addresses, so that you can contact one another through the year, perhaps to arrange amongst yourselves things like car pooling, etc. Would you please let me know if you do not wish to be listed, or if you prefer that any of your above-listed  information not be included.                                                                                                            If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact us, by phone (604.682.6363)  or by email. Thanks for all you do to help make VCC a wonderful experience for everyone!


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