Meet Alumna Jessica Van Elk

My name is Jessica Van Elk and I was in the Vancouver Children’s Choir from age 10 to 17.   I was very shy as a ten year old but having to meet and sing with new people in the choir took me out of my shell.

Through my experience in the choir, I learned how to work in a team and learned about artistic quality and presentation. I had to be comfortable in front of an audience and I had the opportunity to travel and experience community.I found my love of music and consequently, discovered musical theatre which has lead me to my career in theatre.

I’m soon graduating from Trinity Western University with a degree in Theatre. In my time at TWU, I sung in the TWU choirs and my voice training helped me land roles in the plays. I’m in the process of independently co-producing/directing a show in Vancouver through my independent theatre company called Matchbox Theatre.

I hope to have a career in directing/acting and also work with children in the future. The director of the VCC, Rupert Lang, inspired me to perfect and work at my craft through witnessing his passion and talent as a young chorister. Where-ever my career/life takes me, my experience with the VCC will never leave me.

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