Benefits of Joining VCC

The VCC family of choirs provides children a life-enhancing experience through the study and performance of choral art. Choristers benefit from weekly rehearsals with VCC’s founder Rupert Lang and enjoy concerts in one of Vancouver’s most historic downtown venues – Christ Church Cathedral.

The children also have the opportunity to sing alongside professional instrumentalists, guest conductors, and well known adult choirs such as Chor Leoni, Elektra, Christ Church Cathedral Choir, the Vancouver Cantata Singers, and the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

Choristers not only learn proper vocal techniques, but also develop the tools to become well-rounded musicians with sight-singing and ear training.

  • Perform with top conductors and composers in international festivals such as CME at York University and the international Eisteddfod in Wales
  • Perform in world class venues like Carnegie Hall, St Peter’s Rome and Coventry Cathedral, England
  • Participate in professional standard recordings, and premiere compositions written especially for VCC
  • Become a member of the VCC family of caring and dedicated parents, alumni and volunteers, and making life-long friends

The VCC Family

Throughout its more than 30 year history, VCC has maintained a reasonable membership size of 25 – 40 choristers per year. This helps each chorister receive more individual attention. It is also an important part of VCC philosophy that all ages and levels begin every rehearsal together. We call our organization a “family of choirs” where older choristers are encouraged to assist the younger singers in rehearsals, and also teach them by example in behavior, as well as through their more mature sound.