VCC Choral Society

The purpose of the VCC Choral Society is to support a high quality children’s choir, enabling each chorister to experience:

  1. the arts as an important part of everyday life;
  2. the appreciation and understanding of music as they fostered through the choral experience
  3. a love of singing and a keen understanding of the voice as an instrument of self-expression.

Membership is open to any person -18 years and up – a parent or non-parent.
The annual membership fee is $10.00. Members can vote at the AGM of the Society, held in the Fall of each year, when new Board members are elected.

The 2013/2014  Board of Directors

Chair:  Ching Tien
Vice-Chair:  Robin Wesley
Secretary:  Linda Poon
Treasurer:  Sarah Nation
Directors:  Gaymond Wong, Michelle Bushell, Jane Taylor, Gerardo Iglesias, Jennifer Van Elk
Artistic Director:  Rupert Lang
Managing Director:  Donna Wong-Juliani