Dr. Doreen Rao, Founder, Choral Music Experience

“Few young choirs equal the committed, intelligent and heartfelt performances given by the Vancouver Children’s Choir and their talented conductor Rupert Lang. For more than twenty years, Rupert Lang has educated and inspired young Canadian musicians to excel through choral singing and musical service. The Vancouver Children’s Chorus is one of Vancouver’s great musical treasures.”

Jon Washburn, Artistic Director, Vancouver Chamber Choir

“Listening to these children, I felt profoundly moved by their superb musicianship, their commitment and their obvious love of music.”

Diane Loomer, C.M., Artistic Director, Chor Leoni Men’s Choir

“Performing with a sophisticated understanding of articulation and style, the Vancouver Children’s Choir displays an obvious love, joy, and sincerity, which bodes well for the value, creation and future of choral music in our world.”

Gordon Campbell, Former Vancouver City Mayor

“… talented, delightful, charming ambassadors for the City of Vancouver. These are the comments we’ve become used to hearing about the Vancouver Children’s Choir. Since 1983 these talented and dedicated youngsters have been tremendous ambassadors for our City.”